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Renting a forklift truck : what you must know

on Monday, May 15, 2023 at 13:33

Renting a forklift truck : what you must know

Do you wish to get a forklift truck for a limited amount of time or to accomplish a particular task? Renting a forklift truck could be the solution for you! Here are a few elements to consider before renting a forklift truck.

1) A forklift truck rental can temporarily help

Many situations can require some adaptation from a business. The rental of a forklift truck is then useful to help bosses to react when a problem occurs.

In case of a break on a forklift truck, consequences can happen to be expensive. One less forklift truck on the floor slows the performance of the business. This slowing can be damageable because it generally results in financial losses. With the rental of a forklift truck, it’s easy to replace the faulty truck by another model while repairs are made.

The rental of a forklift truck is also an interesting option for businesses going through periods of intense activities. Indeed, this allows to adjust the number of forklift trucks according to demand, without spending an important amount to purchase equipment that will only be used for a restricted period of time.

2) A forklift truck rental is affordable

Rental equipment, such as the rental of a forklift truck, is considered an eligible expense by the provincial government. Those are tax refunds for the acquisitions of used goods for commercial activity.

Furthermore, once the forklift truck rental ends, so do the costs. The business only pays for the use of the forklift truck, thus optimising its rental without useless fees.

3) The inspection of a rented forklift truck

During the rental of a forklift truck, the condition of the vehicle must be impeccable. Since many persons are in contact with the same forklift truck, it is important to deal with a rental business that ensures the periodical and efficient maintenance of their equipment.

At A1 Machinery, inspections are made by certified technicians every time a rented forklift truck returns to the warehouse. The maintenance is also done to answer to the applicable safety standards as well as the highest quality standards. If a break happens, the company is responsible to send a technician on hand to repair the rented forklift truck.

Before renting a forklift truck, make sure that the maintenance fees are included in the rental price. This will save you from bad surprises. 

4) Handling accessories available for rental

In addition to the rental of a forklift truck, it is possible to rent handling accessories. It is an interesting option for businesses that have a specific task to accomplish. Among those accessories, you can find multidimensional forks, sideshift aprons and rotating heads.

Like for the rental of a forklift truck, accessories are checked by the rental company, ensuring at the same time a continued quality. Furthermore, a business specialised in forklift truck rental will better guide you on the best equipment and accessories to use with your forklift truck.

5) The training of the forklift truck driver is your responsibility

Since 2007, mandatory training must be taken by the person willing to drive a forklift. Before proceeding to the rental of a forklift truck, it is thus important to ensure that the future forklift operator possesses the certification attesting that it is legally possible for him to drive a forklift truck. Forklift rental businesses do not have to check the forklift operator certifications. It is the business renting the forklift truck that is responsible to check the driver’s qualifications.

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