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Inventory of forklifts for sale or rent Montreal Laval & South Shore

Forklift / Lift Rental Montreal Quebec Canada

At A1 Machinery Inc., you may indeed rent our industrial forklifts according to several different programs.

You may proceed with short-term or long-term rents. You may as well rent electric, propane or diesel industrial forklifts.

However, your firm will benefit most financially if you adopt long-term rentals, particularly when you take into account the subsequent two factors:

  • You can rest assured we will rent you high-quality industrial forklifts;
  • Maintenance is included in the rental fee.

You may also rent your industrial forklift on a short-time basis (for instance with reference to seasonal firms) and even for a single day if you so prefer. And our delivery service is very fast so as to better fulfill your wishes.

At A1 Machinery Inc., we pride ourselves on satisfying all our customers. This is why we offer both so many models and so many rental plans.

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