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Inventory of forklifts for sale or rent Montreal Laval & South Shore

A wide choice of forklifts for
rent that will ease your daily operations

Construction - Production - Handling - Food - Storage

- Your equipment is under repair and you would like to replace it ?
- You have a lot of stock to deal with ?
- You are experiencing a busy period ?

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4 reasons

to rent our forklifts

1 Flexible rental

Whether you need a forklift only for one day or for a long period of time, we are very flexible and we adapt our contract to your needs. 1 day, 1 week, 1 month. And more!

2 100% Safe

At A1 Machinery, your safety and the one of your employees is our priority. This is why every forklift is inspected in order to make sure that it meets the applicable safety standards.

3 Fast delivery

In order to meet your needs the fastest way possible, our experts make sure to deliver your order in the shortest time and at the requested place.

4 An economic choice

With our rental plan especially adapted to your needs and offered at the best price, you’ll be able to save money. A choice that should delight your credit card.


according to your company needs

Our experts design a rental plan that meets your budget and your needs, whether they’d are for interior or exterior.

Pneumatic forklifts

3 wheels electric forklifts

Raymond Reach forklifts

Our 3 most popular forklift models for rent


We offer a wide range of forklifts that will allow you to perform interior as well as exterior tasks depending on your operations. They are also available with or without a closed cabin which can be heated or not.

Also, you’ll be able to choose between a pneumatic, full tires (never-flat) or even a cushion model with several options for handling accessories, hydraulics or electrics such as :

  • Forks
  • Fork positioners
  • Sideshifters
  • Clamps
  • Rotators

And many more options

A very

Whether you need to rent one or several forklifts, for a short or a long period, we can elaborate a rental plan that will meet your needs and your budget.

Propane, diesel or gas forklifts (industrial batteries, with or without maintenance), we offer a large choice of models to rent.

For more information about forklift rental, do not hesitate to call us : 450 467-2224


Thanks to our finance lease plans, you can get your equipment quickly and take advantage of your purchasing power. In fact, you can benefit from a forklift while splitting the payments periodically. You even have the possibility to add some functionalities and accessories to your forklift with only a light increase in your payment.

Contact us to get all the details regarding our personalized financing plans.

Driver training

You’re not very comfortable with driving a forklift or you are not used to certain models? You’ll be able to get a driver training with our partner placement pex expert to be able to manage the rented forklift.