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A1 Machinery is #1 in North America

on Monday, May 15, 2023 at 13:31

A1 Machinery is #1 in North America

Founded in 1991, A1 Machinery establishes itself today as the #1 reference in North America for sale and rental of handling equipments like forklift trucks, lifting platforms, forklifts and stackers. Inspired by a world leader in the industry like Manitou, A1 Machinery ensures a superior quality service to answer their clients’ particular needs.


Distribution throughout the continent

With his head office ideally located in Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil on the south shore of Montreal, A1 Machinery is able to cover the entire North American continent. Their strategically located offices are thus the starting and finish point for all of the equipment fleet. A1 Machinery hence is able to efficiently distribute their equipments to their clients located everywhere in North America.

Taking example on internationally renowned businesses like Manitou, A1 Machinery was able to optimise their distribution system to greatly facilitate the delivery of their product, thus allowing their clients to quickly get the necessary equipments to ensure the productivity of their business. A1 Machinery is committed to ship within extremely short timeframes, whether in North America or in Europe.


The biggest inventory in North America

Possessing the largest inventory in the field of forklift trucks through the continent, A1 Machinery is today the « Manitou » of North America. Indeed, Manitou remains the reference in handling equipment sales and rental in Europe. A1 Machinery is thus proud of following the example of Manitou in order to offer an equally vast inventory on the North American continent. A1 Machinery also possesses the best used forklift trucks inventory in stock in Quebec. All equipments directly come from their two warehouses, thus ensuring a top notch control on the quality of their equipments.


A1 Machinery offers adapted equipment for your work

Like Manitou does so well in Europe, A1 Machinery is the North American reference to accompany their numerous clients working in all fields of activity. Whether it is indoor handling work or complex outdoor procedures, A1 Machinery possesses the equipment their clients need. Thanks to its huge inventory, A1 Machinery’s advisors are here to help businesses finding the best adapted vehicle for their needs, while proposing a competitive financing plan.


A1 Machinery offers varied seminars

In addition to adequately equip businesses for their work, A1 Machinery offers several seminars for forklift operators according the workforce’s skill level. Whether the employees are new in the domain or they are experienced operators looking for continuous training, A1 Machinery offers adapted training for everyone with customized learning objectives. This service offered by A1 Machinery allowed them to take their place among industry leaders like Manitou, among others.


A1 Machinery guarantees equipment maintenance

In addition to distributing the handling equipment, renowned businesses like A1 Machinery and Manitou offer maintenance and repair services. At A1 Machinery, maintenance is done by a team of technicians directly hired by the business, allowing A1 Machinery to ensure a better quality control. It is thus qualified and professional technicians who are in charge of the inspection and preparation of the forklift trucks as well as other type of equipment.

Today, A1 Machinery has joined Manitou and other big players of the industry by offering safe and higher quality equipment to their customers. With a repair service available 24/7, A1 Machinery is also proud of possessing one of the most complete replacement parts inventories, allowing them to always offer more to their clients and to remain one step ahead of the competition.


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