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4 Benefits of buying a Toyota forklift

on Wednesday, May 10, 2023 at 15:15

4 Benefits of buying a Toyota forklift

You are looking to buy a new forklift to help you with your operations and you are wondering which model you should go with? Did you consider buying a Toyota forklift? Known as one of the biggest material handling manufacturers, Toyota is a giant in the forklift industry. If its products are such in high demand nowadays, it is mostly due to its excellent reputation.

In fact, Toyota’s forklifts are well-known to be effective, resistant as well as deliver good performances. Manufactured in Indiana, in the Toyota manufacturing facility, these trucks are now operating in many warehouses and help many managers improve their productivity as well as increase their profit. Therefore, if you are looking to acquire a forklift for your operations, you should consider buying a Toyota forklift. Through this article we will explain what are all its benefits.


Benefit #1 : High-quality and reliability

Toyotas’ forklifts are manufactured with Toyota’s advanced manufacturing technologies which allows the company to build reliable and high-quality engines. In fact, Toyota owes its reputation to the durability and performance of its products. The company’s actions are based on the “customer first”” principle, meaning that all the products are made with the aim of delivering great value and a good driving experience to the drivers.

Besides, Toyota’s forklifts are locally built in the company’s manufacturing facility in Indiana, USA. This allows the firm to keep control of its production and manufacturing process. Each forklift is controlled and inspected by Toyota’s experts to ensure it is fully performant and reliable and that there is no malfunction.


Benefit #2 : A leader in the forklift industry

Another reason why it does make sense to rely on Toyota’s forklift is that the company is the leader in this industry. In fact, since 2002, Toyota has been the number one company selling forklifts in the US. Therefore, people trust Toyota for delivering good products with quality and dependability.


If Toyota is the number one selling forklift in the US, it is because many customers are satisfied with the resistance and reliability of its equipment that allows companies to use their forklifts for many years without having to replace them. The forklift keeps its original state and its performance over the years.


Benefit #3 : An emphasize on ergonomics and security

If customers trust Toyota for delivering reliable products, it is mainly due to the fact that the company focuses on making safe products. Workplace accidents occur pretty often and they can be very dangerous for forklifts operators. Therefore, to avoid high-risk situations, Toyota has designed a system called SAS (System of Activity Stability) that provides more stability to the forklift and enables outstanding safety.

Toyota’s second mission is to make their forklifts ergonomic.

In fact, the company pays attention to the operators welfare and makes sure that they will easily be able to operate the forklift. It takes into consideration operators’ back but also their preferences to monitor the forklift. Thus, Toyota has equipped its forklifts with suspension operator seats and good sight lines.


Benefit #4 : Faster forklift repair and warranty

Another big advantage of buying a Toyota forklift is that you will benefit from Toyota’s fast repair in case your engine needs to be fixed. The company’s technicians are experimented, trained and qualified experts that will quickly detect any issue with your equipment and find the right solution.The many working spaces available and the technologies allows technicians to be able to repair forklifts faster.

Besides, you should know that since 2018, the company offers an increased forklift parts warranty. In fact, Toyota Genuine Parts benefit from a 2 year warranty. Also, if you need to replace it later and that the part has been installed by a Toyota technician, the warranty will cover it.


Benefit #4 : A wide selection of models

In order to find a forklift that matches your companies needs, you will have the choice among a large selection. In fact, there are many Toyota forklift models available, each of them offering different characteristics. Electric forklifts, reach trucks, order pickers, hand pallet jacks… find the model that will fit your operations and allow you to improve your productivity.

Besides, in order to increase customer satisfaction, Toyota offers tailored business solutions. In fact, the company takes into consideration your warehouse design, your operations and any other specific needs. With this individual approach, Toyota tries to help companies reduce their costs and increase their profit.

Still not convinced? Would you like to learn more about Toyota’s forklifts and its other products available? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our specialist. We will listen to your needs and give you the best recommandations to find the perfect forklift. You can contact us at this number : (450) 600-2295.


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