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Forklift truck on sale : read our guide to choose the forklift you need.

on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 at 15:05

Forklift truck on sale : read our guide to choose the forklift you need.

There is a broad variety of forklifts on sale on the market. It can then be difficult to find and choose the right forklift according to our needs. If this is your case, this guide will highlight certain criteria to consider in the purchase of a forklift. Let’s hope this will help you make a judicious choice.


1) Identifying the tasks to accomplish

On the forklift trucks sales market, there are models for a wide range of uses. Some are used for freight transports or loading and unloading of trucks while others are used for order picking. A lot of those tasks necessitate stacking and unstacking procedures.

Consequently, it is important to take into consideration the length of the forks on the forklift on sale. The maximum height of the retractable mast must also be evaluated, depending on the elevation of the stored loads.


2) Knowing the type of material to handle

During the purchase of a forklift truck, the type of carried load must not be neglected. If the material is of large size and that more imposing handling pallets must be used, you’ll have to look for a model of forklift in sale with longer forks.

The same reasoning must be applied for the weight of the material. The loading capacity of forklift trucks tremendously varies. Knowing that it is generally between 1800 kg and 7000 kg, it’s important to know the products to handle to choose a forklift on sale that can lift a load without risking of toppling over.


3) Taking into consideration our working environment

Looking for a forklift truck on sale? Every forklift is usually identified by a category that differentiates it from the others. One of those categories refers to the type of energy used to make it work. Indeed, some forklifts use gas-fueled or diesel-fueled engine, while others are equipped with an electrical engine. In order to make a judicious choice in the purchase of a forklift, you must first determine if its use will be mainly inside or outside.

Hence, electrical models are prioritized for indoor use since they’re more compact and manoeuvrable than thermal models. Furthermore, they’re silent and don’t produce any effluent, ideal for a close environment.

Conversely, a thermal forklift truck will be favoured for external use. This type of forklift truck can work on an uneven floor and offers a bigger load capacity than the electric model. Furthermore, in an outside environment, the noise as well as CO2 will go much more unnoticed than in a closed environment.


4) Choosing a good warranty in the purchase of a forklift

The purchase of a forklift truck on sale comes with a reflection on the purchase of an extended warranty. It must be taken as seriously if not more than the purchase of the forklift truck itself.

The best warranty is usually the one directly provided by the manufacturer, because he commits himself by the same token that his product won’t fail according to normal use. So it is important to verify if this warranty covers all major pieces in case of breaking or failure.

Furthermore, the hedge value of the forklift truck on sale must be evaluated. A used forklift truck that has accumulated thousands of hours of handling will require more maintenance than a brand new forklift truck, which could increase the price of warranty.

Before proceeding with the purchase of a forklift truck, it’s advised to include the price of an extended warranty in the total bill, because it is the amount representing the actual long-term maintenance costs if you don’t purchase such a warranty.


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